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AlekSIS at the FOSDEM 2024

Once again this year, the AlekSIS project was present at the FOSDEM in Brussels, the largest developer conference for free and open source software in Europe, with various activities on 3. and 4. February 2024.

With the support of the NLnet Foundation and the NGI0-Entrust programme, we were able to organise a panel discussion on the topic of school digitisation and its challenges. Participants from various countries (including Finland, Spain and Belgium) reported what the status quo looks like for them. A full report will be published later.

A more technical presentation took place on Sunday in the Python Devroom. There, Michael, Nik, and Jonathan reported on how we are migrating from pure Django templates to a completely new and dynamic frontend with Vue.js
and GraphQL and what the major challenges were. You can also read more about this migration here.

Last but not least, a surprisingly large number of AlekSIS stickers awaited us at the NLnet stand - so nothing stood in the way of sticker collecting and and we were able to take a large box of our own stickers home with us.