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AlekSIS® 2023.6 “Dewey” released

After several months of intense development, the AlekSIS® team is proud to announce our newest release, codenamed “Dewey”. Although the list of new features and changes may appear shorter this time, we laid the foundation for planned new features, with several breaking under-the-hood changes being included that give developers new technical possibilities. For the following releases, especially 2023.12 “Falk”, we plan to make use of these improvements, enhancing the user experience. Once again, we would like to thank our pilot schools for their pleasant and helpful cooperation, without which our project would not be conceivable.

Highlights in AlekSIS® 2023.6 “Dewey”

The following changes are of special interest.

For developers: GraphQL, Vuetify, and a new frontend

For developers: GraphQL, Vuetify, and a new frontend

With this release, developers get access to our new toolchain providing several advantages in contrast to the current system:

  • GraphQL API
  • User interface with Vue.js and Vuetify
  • Single Page Application (SPA) for the whole frontend
  • Custom components and mixins for use by app developers
  • Development server with autoreload and hotreload on top of Vite

The old user interface using Django templates and Materialize is still working, but is deprecated and will be removed in the next release. Legacy pages still being served by this toolchain will be converted to the new toolchain, step by step.

For developers: GraphQL, Vuetify, and a new frontend

Additionally, the following improvements and changes have been implemented:

  • We now support two-factor authentification using the WebAuthn standard. This now allows users to use FIDO2-compatible hardware tokens as a second factor (e. g. the Nitrokey or the YubiKey).
  • The Untis import got several bugfixes and supports more Untis attributes.
  • The invitation system was reviewed again and got some stability improvements.
  • The PDF generation system was updated.
  • Statistics in the class register got more precise.

Besides, all official apps and the core received several other bugfixes and improvements. Please check out the according Changelogs for details.

Download AlekSIS 2023.6 “Dewey”

Requests and contact

For further information or requests related to the new AlekSIS release like press information or applications as partner schools can be sent to the Teckids e.V. organization via email.