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FOSDEM 2020 — First AlekSIS booth

During FOSDEM, on February 1st and 2nd, 2020, AlekSIS was presented to a bigger audience for the first time, in co-operation with Teckids' schul-frei stand that holds a co-presentation for a curated collection of free software products for education.

Presentation at FOSDEM 2020 ><

As Teckids' main goal is to get young people involved in free software, the presentation was mainly conducted by Andreas (13), Alexander (15) and Niels (15). The latter also co-presented in a general Community devroom talk about FOSS in education.

Nearly 200 people expressed their interest in the selection of projects, which was flag-shipped by AlekSIS this year, asking questions and talkng about their experiences.

After FOSDEM, more presentations will follow, for example at the Linux Days in Chemnitz (Germany) and Graz (Austria).