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First development sprint and kick-off

Form July 15th to 17th, the core BiscuIT development team held its first sprint to get development of the first core features started. The sprint took place at Teckids e.V.’s partner school Boltenheide in Wuppertal, a school that has commited to using only free and open software in their education.

Flipchart with draft of timetable templates

The goal of the sprint was to get all core data models ready to an extent that it will be possible to start employing BiscuIT as the new school information system at Boltenheide with the start of the new term at the end of August. And indeed, we achieved not only that, but also got the most important apps into a state where they can already be used and no interrupting changes are to be expected anymore. In detail, we achieved the following:

  • Created data models for persons in a school (students, teachers, guardians) in the framework
  • Created data models for timetables in the Chronos app
  • Finished the import app for data from SchILD-NRW, the obligatory school management software in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Finished the import app for data from Untis, a widely used timetable creation software
  • Started basic views for lists of persons and classes as well as timetables for classes, rooms and teachers

Development will continue during the summer holidays here, and BiscuIT will be show-cased at FrOSCon.

If you are interested in what is going on and follow or even join development, feel free to find our team group at EduGit!