App Hjelp (support system)

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The Hjelp app is AlekSIS' integrated support system which can be used by schools and other institutions to provide support options from within the frontend.

Report an issue

Users like students or teachers can report issues with AleKSIS, but also with parts of the school's IT infrastructure or even with something completely different, using the issue-reporting form provided through Hjelp. The form has a fully customisable category field with three fields that show the content depending on which has been selected in the previous category fields.

Report an issue

Give feedback

To make AlekSIS better, it's very helpful to get feedback from students and teachers. To make this as easy as possible, we integrated a feedback form in Hjelp. You can configure this form to send the submitted data directly to the AlekSIS team, but it's also possible to send the data to any other email address.

Feedback form

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Using Hjelp's FAQ module, you can build up a knowledge base in your local AlekSIS instance. From technical questions like "Why is my account not working?" to school-specific ones like "When lessons start?", everything is possible. To make the answers even clearer, you can use HTML code to format the answer and you can upload images and other media files to your texts.

FAQ page