Help making AlekSIS better!

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How can i help?

AlekSIS is mainly developed on EduGit. EduGit is a GitLab instance that is made for all ages, so that children and young people can also help develop. It helps most if bugs are reported so that they can be fixed as quickly as possible. Of course you can also make suggestions for new functions.


For the development of AlekSIS we use git. You can find all repositories under the AlekSIS namespace on EduGit.

If you want to implement a function yourself, you can do this by cloning one of the repositories and developing the function there in its own branch. When you are finished, you can create a merge request and after a review of the maintainers, the function may already be available in the next release.

Report a bug

If you want to report a bug, you can do this with an issue on EduGit.

Important for bug reports:

  • When does the bug occur?
  • Is it reproducible?
  • Which system do you use? (Version of operation system, database server,…)
  • Error message, stacktrace if possible

Feature requests

If you have an idea for a new feature, you can create an issue on EduGit.

Important for feature requests:

  • Detailed description of the feature
  • Use case of the feature