App كتاب السجل (class register and school records)

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Alsijil is a data protection compliant online class register solution.

Access through week overview

The week overview of Alsijil is the main start point for managing the digital class register. In the default mode, it displays all lessons of the currently logged-in person, but it also can be used to show all lessons for a specific group or teacher.

Due to the integration of basic statistical views and all relevant information, teachers can get a quick overview of their students. For both students and teachers, there is an overview of the lesson content and homework.

Week view

Easy entry of all lesson-related data

All data related to one lesson are mainly managed from this view. By using multiple tabs, Alsijil clearly sorts the different types of data entries.

  • Lesson documentation: Lesson topic, group note, and homework
  • Personal notes: All data related to students like absence, tardiness, and other remarks can be entered here.
  • Previous lesson: This tab shows all data from the previous lesson in a compact overview.
  • Change history: To prevent data manipulation, all changes to person-related data are tracked by time and user.

Powerful statistical views and printouts

To monitor the students' progress or export data for reports, Alsijil provides many different statistical views.

Student overview

Alsijil provides an overview for each student which lists all personal notes like absences and summed up statistics for the whole school term. As it's possible to make it accessible both for students and teachers, students can quickly see whether they still have to submit excuses.

Student overview

Group overview (students list)

This view shows a list of all students with not only names, but also summed up data on absences, tardiness, and other remarks. If teachers want to get detailed data about students, they can switch to the student overview using the included navigation buttons.

My students

Full register printout

As local laws class for example in Germany often require to archive class register data for a specified time period, Alsijil allows to generate a PDF file for each group monitored in the class register. This PDF, which includes all data registered for this group and every student in the group, either can be printed or archived in other ways.

Register future absences

With Alsijil you can easily register future absences of students. These are automatically marked as absent (and possibly excused) for the period of absence in all lessons in this time window.

Register absence

Keep your data valid

Have you ever had the problem that your analog class register had illogical entries? For example, a student was absent in a cancelled lesson?

Alsijil uses the integrated data check mechanism of AlekSIS to check all registered data for typical mistakes like that. It even allows notifiying people about missing or malformed entries.

Group roles

This optional feature can be used to set roles in groups like class services, class speakers, or parent representatives. These information can be shared with all teachers, so everyone uses the same data.

Custom excuse types

Do you count absences for school-related topics separately to honour engagement? Do you have any other special categories for absences?

With Alsijil, you can assign excused absences to different, custom categories (so-called excuse types) which are counted separately in all statistics.

Extra marks

Extra marks, which are also completely customisable, allow counting other things than absences on a per-lesson basis for each student. Popular examples are "helpful behaviour", "homework forgotten", "voluntary work" or "material forgotten".